Welcome to the Shanghai CEO Club
Your Home Base for Effective Business in Shanghai and for China



Welcome to our business club.
Established in the former French Concession area of Shanghai and near the city’s center of publishing is the Shanghai CEO Club.  The Club’s elegant yet comfortable interiors acknowledge the rich historical and cultural roots of the “Old Shanghai” era while providing modern amenities for holding business meetings, presentations, a casual conversation over Chinese tea , or a formal business dinner event.  Nestled in the charming ShaoXing Road neighborhood of  cafes, wine shops, book stores, and galleries the Club provides a distinctively refined and historical environment with a warm and friendly staff for members to meet and do business in China.

The Club is the former mansion of the iconic patriotic hero Du Yue Sheng  who managed and controlled the resources of the Port of Shanghai during the 1930’s and 40’s and who is symbolic for patriotism, commerce, social influence, being a patron of the arts, and having a charitable spirit.

The Club has been in operation since 2006 and has members that include globally-recognized multi-national companies as well as companies in China’s Top 100 Enterprises.  Additionally the Club welcomes as members and serves the needs of small and mid-size companies as well as individual business executives both  foreign and domestic.

The Shanghai CEO Club also offers business advisory services in such areas as  market research, setting up distribution networks, public relations, branding, media events, and arranging strategic relationships.

The Shanghai CEO Club provides an important and effective solution for companies needing to establish a meeting place to do business and effectively network in the city of Shanghai which is the commerce capitol of China.  The Club provides a distinctive and enjoyable setting to impress clients, associates, and friends and creates a bridge via one’s shared respect and appreciation for history, Chinese icons, and cultural refinement. Additionally the Club providing members access to high-level  advisory services, networking, and other valuable business resources. 

Welcome to the Shanghai CEO Club!


Shanghai CEO Club
List of Services


• Meetings over Chinese Tea
• Events and Functions
• Formal Business Dinners (by reservation)
• Networking Events
• Sponsored Exhibitions
• Press Conferences
• Business  Advisory (Marketing Research, Distribution, Public Relations, Branding)
• Government Permitting and Licensure Advisory
• Advisory on Strategic Relationships
• E-Commerce and Social Media Presence in China


Membership Benefits
How Membership Can Help You




A. Unique Venue: You have a home base in Shanghai to meet and entertain clients and  friends – an elegant and charming location to make an impression for business and/or  leisure.   Your choice of membership at the Shanghai CEO Club makes a statement about  your  appreciation for Chinese history  and cultural refinement – definitely a way to  impress and gain the interest of your Chinese and international colleagues. The Club’s  interior theme and furnishings pay homage to Shanghai refinement, taste, and society  of a bygone era.  Sip tea at a traditional Chinese tea ceremony and feel the good  “FengShui” energy of our Club’s interior design and gardens.

B. Event Location: You have a convenient and private venue to hold events such as meetings,  presentations, exhibitions, company parties, and press conferences. Additionally you have  the Club’s helpful professional staff to support you so that  your meetings and events  are more  productive  and successful. 


C. The Shanghai CEO Club provides high-level business advisory and has helped members with market research, arranging distribution networks, arranging strategic relationships,  promotions , media events, and branding.